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Torque Limiter for Filling Machine

Torque limiters

Torque Limiter for Filling Machine

In the process of packaging, the use of LPC and LPB torque limiters are commonly used.

The LPC torque limiter absorbs the overloads that can record the transmission of motion. That is why we talk of mechanical fuses. Furthermore, by using coil springs in its construction, it is possible the regulation and absorption of wear on the controlled torque belonging to the transmission in a sufficiently sensitive manner.

Similarly to the LPC torque limiter, the LPB ball mechanical torque limiter is designed to absorb overloading registered in packing plants. However, when the controlled torque exceeds, one of its pieces moves and a micro breaker detects movement that is used to stop the machine entirely. Subsequently, the torque limiter allows the recovering of the original mechanical timing of its design.


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