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Torque Limiters

Torque limiter LPB

The LPB ball torque limiter, with or without synchronism, are mechanisms designed to absorb work overloads in any type of machine.

They are non-friction and their main characteristics are as follows,



When it exceeds the regulated torque, one of its parts moves, near which a microswitch can be installed which, upon detecting the movement, stops all transmission by means of an electrical signal.

Once the problem is detected and solved, when starting the movement, the limiter allows us to recover the mechanical synchronism for which it is built, normally it is 360º, other configurations, on request.


The LPB torque limiter can be used for different types of machinery such as:

Packaging machines


You can download the technical sheet of the product at the following link. So that you can observe the technical characteristics and dimensions of the product.


Download technical specifications


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LPB mechanical ball-bearing torque limiter with or without synchronisation
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LPB mechanical ball-bearing torque limiter with or without synchronisation
LPB torque limiters are mechanisms designed to absorb excess loads in any kind of machine. They are not friction limiters, and their main features are:
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