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Tooth Discs – Hirth Joint

Design your own clutch with our Hirth coupling


Hirth joint is used to connect two pieces of a shaft together and is characterized by tapered teeth that mesh together on the end faces of each half shaft.

Hirth joints consist of radial teeth formed by grooves milled or ground into the end face of a cylindrical shaft. The teeth mesh around a ring, as the torque capacity of teeth increases with their diameter. This ring is arranged to be at the maximal possible diameter for the space available. The centre of a shaft is not toothed, as this would add little torque capacity to the coupling and the increasingly narrow teeth would become impractical to cut.


The coupling is defined by the groove count, the outer diameter of the cylindrical feature, the bottom angle of the grooves (to the axis of the cylindrical feature), and their depth. Hirth joints are designed as mating pairs and, unlike splines, there is no standardised off-the-shelf sizing system for them.


The most standard disc is our tooth discs from NE-CD tooth clutch. You can do it yourself, it is easy and cheap.

Each disc is able to work with two bearings which allows a correct alignment betwen both discs.

Furthemore,  if you are interested of keeping the sincronism betwen both discs, it is possible using positional discs.


For more information about  TOOTH Discs and HIRTH Couplings and its applications, do not hesitate at contacting us.
Tooth discs for Pneumatic Clutches
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Tooth discs for Pneumatic Clutches
Design your own clutch. This is possible if you use two tooth discs from NE-CD tooth clutch. You can do it yourself, it is easy and cheap.
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