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Customized Solutions

Electro Holding Magnets

EIDE has been proven to offer its customers tailored solutions, much of our production consists of electromagnets adapted for our customers or adaptations of standard models. The EIDE production system has qualified personnel with specific machinery to develop the technical processes, riveting, assembly and testing of our products.


The industrial electromagnet components are the components that transform electrical energy into mechanical energy, a difference of a permanent magnet, we can perform this task as a magnet depending on the application of electricity or not to the electromagnet.


The types of magnets that we can find in the industry are differentiated by the functions performed by the electromagnets and are basically three:


Electromagnets actuating a linear movement The core of the electromagnet can access a mechanical element of the machine.

Clamping electromagnets are devices that, when active, carry out a great power of magnetization with metallic materials, having an infinite number of utilities in the industry, either by positioning metal parts, temporarily fixing metal parts, scrap metal cranes, etc.

Electromagnetic locks are like their name indicates locks that are activated electrically facilitating the automation of security processes such as presses or machines to lock a component in order to avoid accidents and obtimize processes.


Special units of DC electromagnets for any assembly and application.

Normalized voltaje 24 DC.

High holding force with low power consumption

Custom design


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