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Clutch-Brake Combination

GEF electromagnetic clutch-brake combination

The GEF electromagnetic clutch-brake is a unit composed of a clutch and brake mounted inside a casing, thus forming a self-supporting group, which can be combined according to needs in up to 17 different versions, depending on the type of assembly to be carried out. Both the clutch and the brake work on current call


The most common mounting is between the motor and the gearbox with B5 standard flanges. Other common assemblies are with feet, male drive shaft and male driven shaft or standard B5 input flange and male shaft output.


You can check the information in the technical sheet and viewing the images


The GEF electromagnetic clutch-brake has a very low residual moment and a low moment of inertia. The 24 Vdc power supply has been arranged directly with a terminal box, its protection being equivalent to IP-44 in all its versions.


The “flange” versions are suitable to be adapted to motors according to IEC and Common Market standards.


Such arrangement of the assembly makes it possible to reduce response times, which allows working with very high cadences.


Being able to even overcome with static inverters and overvoltage cards, of our manufacture.



Self-supporting group

Standard flanges and shafts

Both the clutch and the brake are protected

Very fast response time


The GEF electromagnetic clutch-brake can be used for different types of machinery such as:

Packaging machines

Product conveyor

Biomedical Engineering

Motors and Gearboxes

Textile industry

Machine tools


You can download the technical sheet of the product at the following link. So that you can observe the technical characteristics and dimensions of the product.


Download technical specifications


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