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FN Pneumatic Brake

The FN Pneumatic Brake is a friction brake capable of stopping large loads. The braking force is proportional to the applied air pressure and the recoil is through springs in the absence of air pressure.


The FN/M Pneumatic Brake is a spring-actuated safety brake, capable of stopping large loads. The brake is released with air pressure.



Great pairs.

Possibility of continuous friction.

Small dimensions.



The Pneumatic Brakes FN and FN / M can be used in machinery of different sectors such as, for example:

Test Bench

Steel Industry

Renewable energy

Cable industry


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FN high starting torque brakes
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FN high starting torque brakes
EIDE’s FN Pneumatic Brakes have been designed to brake great masses of inertia quickly. They offer great heat dissipation and very low inertia, which allows them to work at high speed and a high connection rate.
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