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The FAE / M electromagnetic brake

The FAE / M electromagnetic brake is a negative brake, that is, it brakes by spring reaction, and when current is applied to the coil, the brake stops braking.


This brake is designed to brake directly on the element to be braked.


The FAE / M electromagnetic brake is basically made up of the inductor core, with the coil and springs incorporated, and the induced assembly, made up of the induced disc and the friction material that press the element to be braked. Without tension, the brake stays braked. When a voltage is applied (normalized to 24 V DC) to the coil, a magnetic field is formed that attracts the induced disk, causing the release of the element to be braked. Make sure that the two friction surfaces are free of grease or oil, as their presence reduces the braking torque



Single-plane single disc.

Standard voltage 24 V.DC

Brake on the application.


The FAE / M electromagnetic brake can be used for different types of machinery, such as:

Industrial printing

Industrial elevators

Cleaning of buildings and facades

Textile industry

Cable industry


You can download the technical sheet of the product at the following link. So that you can observe the technical characteristics and dimensions of the product.


Download technical specifications (Spanish)


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Electromagnetic spring applied brakes - FAE-M
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Electromagnetic spring applied brakes - FAE-M
The spring applied electromagnetic brakes FAE-M are the most compact and eficent unit that engages directly to the application of the customer. It is considered a negative electromagnetic brake: while is conected with voltage, the brake is allowing the rotation, but once the electricity is stopped, it brakes automatically using springs reaction. It also known as safety brake or fail brake.
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