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EZN Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch

The EZN Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch allows relatively high rotation speeds at the same time that it transmits a high torque for its dimensions, this can be done through a toothed ring, thereby guaranteeing a positive coupling (at standstill or at low speed) and a quick disconnect, without delays or delays in response. Supports large section shafts.

The EZN Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch is used in two modes, clutch and declutch:

 Engaging must be carried out at standstill or at low speed, depending on the inertia of the system. The higher the inertia, the lower the speed and, for strong inertia, the clutch at rest.

Disengagement can be carried out at any speed.

These units can work in any position and also in lubricated environments, etc.

The good thing that it has apart from its extensive characteristics is that the EZN Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch, due to its composition, does not require any special maintenance.


This clutch has the following features to highlight:

Transmission of large torques in small dimensions.

Normalized voltage, 24 Vdc.

Serrated, connectable at very low speed or while standing still.

Up to 6500 Nm


The EZN electromagnetic clutch can be used for different types of machinery such as:

Cleaning of buildings and facades

Machine tools


It can also be mounted on any machinery that requires high torques, no slipping, tight spaces, etc. And they can be connected at rest or with minimal activity.


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EZN Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch
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EZN Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch
The EZN electromagnetic tooth clutch allows relatively high rotational speeds while transmitting high torque. For strong inertia, the clutch at rest
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