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FZ Spring-Applied Brake

The electromagnetic spring brake FZ is a unit for work on horizontal axes, with a high degree of reliability, good heat dissipation, fast response speed and minimal residual torque.


  • Without current, it remains braked (by springs).
  • With current released.


Consult for work on vertical axes. The unit is provided with an “emergency manual unlocking”, in cases where it is necessary to cancel it, without the action of the electromagnet.


A single version is built, for dry work. As an option and on request, the brake can be served:

  1. With torque regulation, which allows to obtain control over braking.
  2. With manual release by lever. For cases where this action must be performed frequently.
  3. With protection cap. For cases in which the unit must work in aggressive environments, dust, water, etc.


The normalized voltage is 24 V.C.


The electromagnetic spring brake FZ can be used for different types of machinery, such as:

Stage technology

Industrial elevators

Speed doors

Cleaning of buildings and facades

Industrial Robots

Renewable energy 

Textile industry


You can download the technical sheet of the product at the following link. So that you can observe the technical characteristics and dimensions of the product.


Download technical specifications


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FZ electromagnetic spring-engaged brake
Article Name
FZ electromagnetic spring-engaged brake
The FZ electromagnetic safety brake is a highly reliable unit for use on horizontal shafts, providing good heat dissipation, fast response speed and minimal residual torque. Un-powered braking (springs); powered brake release. Only one version is available, for dry work areas. As an option and on demand, brakes can be supplied:
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