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Clutch-Brake Combination

Pneumatic Clutch-Brake Combination NEF 2B5

The NEF 2B5 pneumatic clutch-brake is a compact unit made up of a pneumatic clutch and a spring reaction brake mounted inside a casing, thus forming a self-supporting group, which can be fitted between motor and reducer with standardized B5 flanges.


The air supply to the clutch actuating cylinder is radial and static. The clutch works with compressed air at a nominal pressure of 5.5 bar. Air consumption is minimal. As soon as the air supply stops, the springs exert the braking force. By properly regulating the air pressure, we will obtain control over the acceleration time of the machine and also a limitation of the transmitted torque.


The NEF 2B5 pneumatic clutch-brake has a very low residual moment and a low moment of inertia. Its protection degree is IP-44.


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Clutch - Brake NEF 2B5
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Clutch - Brake NEF 2B5
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