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Electromagnetic Clutch-Brake Combination for Servomotor

The electromagnetic clutch-brake combination GEF is a unit composed of a clutch and brake mounted inside a housing, thus constituting a self-supporting group. This model was custom made to be mounted between a servo motor and reducer with NEMA34 flanges.

Both the clutch and the brake work when there is current in their coil.

The unit itself has a very small residual torque and a low moment of inertia.

It works with 24 VDC power supply, has been arranged directly with a terminal box, its protection being equivalent to IP-44 in all its versions.



Compact unit clutch-brake.

Standards flanges and chafts.

High protection.

Specific voltage on demand.



Packaging machines

Machine tool

Textile industry


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For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Contact