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Brushes and Brush Holders


Carbon brushes are one of the fundamental parts in the operation of electric motors and electromagnetic clutches. They can be defined as the element that acts as an electrical connection between the fixed and the rotating part.

Brush holders are pieces that provide safety and stability to carbon brushes..

Clutch brushes are elements whose purpose is to make the necessary pressure on the collectors or friction rings, and thus, make the electrical connection.


Among the physical properties of the product we find that they are good conductors of electricity, resist high temperatures, have mechanical strength and go through a minimum of wear.


Slip ring type brush holder

The slip ring type brush holders have usually two “arms” however there are also designs with only one “arm”. This type of brush holder is widely used in motors or machines that have friction rings. The main advantage is that there are two points where the electrical connection is made. The EIDE type A-1 brush holder is part of this category.


Spark plug type brush holder

Spark plug type holders, named after their resemblance to a spark plug of a gasoline engine, are common in clutches.

They can be made of brass or insulating material. The EIDE Bujía brush holder is part of this category, we can also offer the carbon brush, for dry work, or the metal brush, for oil work.


Commutator type brush holder

Single commutator type brush holder has one brush. There are many different designs. The EIDE type E brush holder is part of this category.

Twin commutator type brush holder has more than one brush. The EIDE type T brush holder is part of this category.


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