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Biestable Brake FZB – Low Power Solution

The Biestable Brake FZB is design specially for environments where it is necessary to be save as much as energy as possible. This low energy solution can stay in braking position or released without consuming energy from an external source, all that is needed is a DC pulse of the order of 100 milliseconds. The fact consume no power except when switching pulses occur, makes the energy consumed and heat dissipated are much lower than in any other electromagnetic brake.

This technical specifications make FZB Biestable Brake, the only brake in the market able to do so.

Its main applications are directed to sectors in which it is important to minimize power consumption, such as in battery-powered systems:




Fork-lift truck

Aerospace Industry

Electric golf trolleys

AGV vehicles


For further information about BISTABLE BRAKE and its applications, do not hesitate to contact us.


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