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Textile industry

The textile industry is the sector dedicated to the production of natural and synthetic fibers.


It is a large industry that moves around the world, because it is aimed at clothing products, fabrics and threads.


For the process of natural and synthetic fibers, specialized machinery is needed:


Bale openers, Mixers for the textile industry, Carding machines, Spinning machines, Winding machines, Texturizers Warpers, Creels, Weaving Machines, Weaving Accessories


Tissue Rollers, Tissue Inspection Machines, Tissue Folding Machines


Fabric Stretching Machines, Fabric Scissors, Cutting Tables, Slitting Machines for Textiles, Slitter Rewinders, Fabric Cutting Machines, Industrial Sewing Machines, Sewing Lines


Knitting machines, Embroidery machines, Bale presses for textiles


We focus on the safety of workers and machinery.


Below we detail which are the products we have, which can be applied:

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