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Packaging machines

A good presentation is a good start, and packaging machines plays the biggest role at this point. And more to this day, that we have the possibility to ask and that they bring us everything that is available to us on the network.


For this reason, it is increasingly important to take into account how important it is to work with a good presentation and that the order we make arrives protected.


Packaging machines in its shortest expression is the box or envelope with which the goods are protected for transport and storage.


They are all the materials, procedures and methods that are used to condition, present, manipulate, store, preserve and transport a merchandise.


Each packaging machines process has its own machine.


And that is where we come in, working every day so that the machinery does not stop, that is why we make clutches and brakes for classifiers, packers, weighers, strapping machines and fillers, as well as torque limiters and elastic couplings.

Below we detail which are the brakes and clutches that we have and in which machinery each of them can be applied



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