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Motors and Gearboxes

When motors and gearboxes are combined with each other, they form what we understand as a reducer motor, an element that reduces motor speed and increases the torque provided. They are joined to form a single piece and are used in many applications.


An engine is the part capable of running a system. Its job is to transform energy (electrical, fuel…) into mechanical energy that is capable of doing the job.


In machines where the motor can be accelerated due to suspended loads, our centrifugal brake is mounted sandwiched between the motor and the reducer and thus achieve greater safety. We could couple our EC and DBQ Safety Brakes, in this way we will achieve complete safety.


Another common assembly would be to insert a clutch-brake between the motor and the reducer and thus carry out start-stop maneuvers without the need to stop the motor at any time.


You can also mount a clutch at the outlet of the reducer and transmit or not directly on the application.


Below we detail which are the products we have, which can be applied:



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