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Industrial elevators

Industrial elevators are conceived to cover the special needs of different industries: factories, warehouses, shops, workshops, etc.


Elevators can transport vertically goods, people, or both at the same time.


At Eide we care about Safety and for this reason we develop the appropriate brakes for elevators, that will make you feel safe in the workplace, such as the DBQ centrifugal brake, whose main function is to limit the speed of descent in case of an engine failure. The main characteristic of this brake is that it can be disabled at will, in a quick and easy way. And if it is accompanied by the FPC overspeed safety brake, which is a mechanical unit designed to prevent accidental falls in any motorized rack and pinion lifting mechanism. Which only acts when the descent speed is higher than a previously determined value. In this case we will get a safe machine for itself and for the employees who work with it.


Below we detail which are the products we have, which can be applied:



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