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Clutch for Weigher


Clutch for Weigher

Eide designs electromagnetic clutches and brakes for the packaging industry because we believe that an excellent product presentation is essential. Strapping machines, packaging machines, weighers, sorting machines or filling machines have a particular clutch and braking devices.

The specific clutches for weighers are:

NE clutch has a minimum air consumption and consists of a chamber with chrome shirt which facilitates its optimal performance. It is a compact and completely self-supporting device.

EFE Clutch-brake, a short length compact unit that can be installed at the ends of cantilevered shafts. It provides a secure and easy installation.

NEF clutch-brake, composed of a pneumatic clutch and an antagonistic brake, it can regulate the air pressure to control the acceleration of the machine.

GEF clutch-brake, this is an electromagnetic device where both clutch and brake are mounted within a case and operate according to the power they need. Depending on the desired assembly, there are 17 possible combining versions.

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