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Clutch for Strapping


Clutch for Strapping

Strapping machines are mainly used in the packaging industry. Eide, which always takes into account the needs of its customers, and considers that a good presentation is the main card of a company, has designed five types of industrial electromagnetic clutches, each with its characteristics:

  • SEE single disc electromagnetic clutch –> with core and coil inductor, and compatible with most manufacturers.
  • SER electromagnetic clutch –> formed by an inductor core and a coil. It is self-supporting and does not need to be mounted in any machined surface. It works with a standard voltage of 24 V.d.c
  • NEF pneumatic clutch-brake pneumatic –> compact clutch unit and antagonistic brake with a spring reaction. It is powered by compressed air radially and has a minimum air consumption. The air pressure regulation allows for control over the machine acceleration.
  • GEF electromagnetic clutch-brake –>  the clutch and brake are mounted on a framework, which makes it self-supporting. It allows up to 17 different versions depending on the desired assembly. Both also work according to the power they receive.
  • EFE electromagnetic clutch-brake –> very close compact, safe and practical response unit. As it has a shorter length, it can be installed on cantilever axes, which provides control of commissioning with an easy installation and a secure service.

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