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Clutch for Conveyor


Clutch for Conveyor

Conveyors used in the printing industry use industrial electromagnetic clutches of several types:

  • SEE Clutch -> single-disc and comprising an inductor core and a coil
  • SER Clutch -> self-supporting without using any mechanised mounting surface.
  • NE Clutch -> pneumatic NE clutch has a low air consumption and performs optimal control over the acceleration time. At the same time, it is also compact and self-supporting.
  • ECD Clutch -> the ECD electromagnetic clutch is jagged and rotates at a high speed, which ensures a positive coupling and a quick disconnection.
  • EFE Clutch-brake -> electromagnetic type; it is a compact unit, which ensures a rapid and safe response.
  • NEF Clutch-brake -> composed by a pneumatic clutch and an antagonistic brake, it has a reduced air consumption, which lets you control the acceleration of the machine.

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